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    Terms and Conditions


    By engaging the services of Academy of FUN! you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.


    Academy of Fun can amend or change these terms & conditions at any time.


    Booking Academy of FUN! is normally confirmed by a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost of the event being paid on your part and a written confirmation on our part. Please note that upon booking you are agreeing to payment of the full order value, subject to the cancellation, participant number change or postponement terms set out below.

    Payment of the non-refundable deposit must be paid and cleared 14 days in advance of the event date. Payment can be made via BACS (upon request), by cash in person or by cheque made payable to Academy of FUN!

    On receiving our written confirmation of your booking check the details are correct and inform us immediately of any inaccuracies. Any changes our standard packages must be discussed and agreed at the time of booking and confirmed in writing by the customer and ourselves.

    Balance of payments is due before the event. The operations team will contact you to confirm the details of your event and request the remainder of your payment.


    Please note that the total number of participants includes the birthday child/children and siblings.

    In the event that a child/children have already attended an Academy of Fun event we advise that you inform us of the host and date of that event so that we are able to adjust the activities if necessary and possible.

    Number of participants must be provided at the time of booking and should include the birthday child/children and any siblings attending. The party packages are designed to reflect the number of staff that we need in order to deliver the party. It's important that you tell us as soon as possible if you need to increase or decrease the size of your party and this can be done up to 14 days in advance at no extra charge.

    Our parties are not deemed suitable for participants under four years old. If there are children under four years present, they must be supervised by an identified parent/carer at all times.

    All allergies, food intolerances, ailments, infestations or viruses of participants or clients, which may affect the event in any way, must be reported prior to the event date.

    Academy of FUN! accept no responsibility for the property of participants during the event and advise that participants be asked to leave any toys at home or with their parents.


    You are solely responsible for the venue of the event and any costs you incur. Where there are restrictions pertaining to the use of the venue we will need written notification of this in advance of the event.

    We will need access to the venue of your event before and after the party time. Please see the details of each party theme to find out how long we need to prepare and clear up for each party.

    A safe power supply must be provided to Academy of Fun at all venues.

    Parking must be provided for our entertainers. Any parking charges are payable by the customer. Please have the money ready for our entertainers’ arrival. We do not carry cash for parking.


    During event activities the event area must be kept clear of toys and pets. We ask that technology such as mobile phones and media players not be used by the participants during the event.


    Outside venues are weather permitting and this includes but not limited to previous rainfall, cold temperatures and wet grounds. We reserve the right to asses the area first. Please have a back up plan in place just in case we are unable to offer the event outside. Please note we are unable to provide any refund for bad weather.




    Academy of Fun strives to provide the best events possible. In order to do this we stress that we do not provide a childcare or supervision service.

    The safety of all participants is the sole responsibility of the event organiser, who must be 21 years or above. Two adults (other than Academy of Fun staff members) must be present at all times during the event in order to supervise children.

    If any children are showing unsociable behaviours it is the full responsibility of supervising parents or guardians to intervene with the specific child/children to ensure the enjoyment of all other participants. If at any time an Academy of Fun! staff member deems that the behaviour of one or more children or adults present is likely to cause danger or disruption, the staff member can request they are controlled or removed and, if this doesn’t happen, cease activities until the situation is resolved or terminate the event with no recourse to refund. We have a zero tolerance policy towards alcohol, drugs and aggression in place to protect our staff and the participants.

    Although our staff are DBS checked, vetted and trained, children must not be left alone with staff members and we insist on a legal guardian or responsible adult being present at all times. Our staff must not be asked to accompany children to the toilet, assist with feeding or to be alone with a child/children at any time.

    The parent or caregiver is responsible for the supervision of exits, and for ensuring that children only leave the event venue with their own parent or guardian.


    Our baking parties are subject to the following additional terms and conditions:

    The safety of any equipment you have agreed to provide, such as an oven, is your sole responsibility. Please be aware that kitchen equipment you provide falls under the same conditions as the rest of the venue in terms of liability, insurance and health and safety.

    Children must wash their hands thoroughly and under supervision before taking part in any baking activities.

    Academy of Fun staff who lead baking parties have passed an accredited Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene course.Academy of Fun accepts no liability for any illness resulting from eating food made by the children.

    Children must only eat the items they make themselves. Food items made by children must not be shared with other children, and we recommend family members do not share the food. It is the event organiser’s responsibility to supervise and ensure food is not shared.


    Academy of Fun shall bear no liability for loss or damage arising caused by circumstances outside of our control.

    Academy of Fun staff are public liability insured and take the utmost care to ensure the safety of all event participants. Liability cannot be taken for damage or injury sustained whilst attending a event or thereafter.

    Academy of Fun will not be liable to the client for any loss (whether direct or indirect) of profits, business or anticipated savings or for any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever even if Academy of Fun shall have been advised as to the possibility thereof, except in respect of death or injury to persons arising from negligence on our part.

    Academy of Fun’s liability to the client arising by or in connection with this booking is limited to the final booking value. Accidental damage to the property at the event should be covered by the client’s own insurance and no claim will be accepted by Academy of Fun, which hereby excludes any liability for any such loss.

    Academy of Fun do not accept any liability and shall not be liable for non completion of the event or for any delays arising as a result of:

    1) Bad weather
    2) Loss, damage or cancellation due to fire, floods or any other cause beyond its reasonable control
    3) State funerals and days of public mourning
    4) Strikes, riots or lock outs affecting any trade with which Academy of Fun is concerned


    It is our policy to deal with complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have reason to complain we ask that you report the problem as soon as possible, in the first instance to any individuals involved, so that we can deal with it at the time of any incident. Should you not be satisfied with the outcome of a complaint please request a complaints form, which will provide us with the information required to investigate further. We aim to resolve complaints within 14 days of receipt of a complaints form and you will be notified of the outcome of our investigation.


    Academy of Fun are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

    We collect information about you to allow us to process your order. The information we hold will be accurate and up to date. You can check the information that we hold about you by e-mailing us. If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or correct it promptly. We will never sell or distribute your personal information to any third parties. We do not store details of credit cards or details of bank accounts.

    We may ask you if you would like to be kept informed of our services and products and in such circumstances we may use the information you have already provided us to do so. We will not use your information in this way without your consent.


    We may use technology to track the patterns of behaviour of visitors to our website. This can include using a "cookie" which would be stored on your browser. You can usually modify your browser to prevent this happening. The information collected in this way can be used to identify you unless you modify your browser settings.


    Should Academy of Fun have to cancel any bookings due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, severe weather conditions or severe traffic/accidents the 50% deposit will be fully refundable or we will endeavour to offer another date for the event with a 25% reduction in cost. We will try to give 14 days written notice of any cancellation but this may not always be possible, in which case we will give you as much notice as practicable.

    If we incur any problems once travelling to you, we will inform you by telephone where possible. We accept no responsibility for any form of travel disruptions including, but not limited to, traffic jams, breakdown (including us), accidents, extreme weather conditions, Snow, events, flood, diversions, sat nav failures, protests, acts of nature or any other means beyond our control. We recommend you have your mobile with you at all times in case we need to contact you.

    If you wish to postpone or cancel your event for any reason we must receive written notification. Should you wish to cancel a event, the 50% deposit will only be refunded if the cancellation is 4 weeks or more from the event date.

    HEAVY SNOW FALL: In the event of snowfall on your event date, we strongly advise you to contact your participants and cancel your event. Academy of Fun will happily transfer your event to an alternative date when it is safer to travel. Academy of Fun will contact you before we attempt to leave. If Academy of Fun are in a safe position to begin travelling, we will try our best to reach you but with no guarantee of arrival. Please note that once our entertainers leave, full payment is charged and will not be refunded even if we do not reach you. We always recommend cancelling your event for the safety of your participants travelling.


    All prices are subject to change at any time with the exception of confirmed bookings. Prices agreed at time of booking are final.

    We may charge travel/delivery costs outside our area; these will be confirmed at time of booking. Mileage costs of £0.40 per mile are charged after 15 miles of our offices (M44 6AE)

    All services and products offered and available through Academy of Fun are subject to availability.

    We shall not be responsible for any breach of these terms and conditions caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

    As the customer you are prohibited from using any of our “intellectual property” for business use or to recreate any of our copyrighted materials.





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