• FUN! for Schools and Community Groups

    We offer a wide range of activities including:

    • activity days - a full school day! Immersing, engaging and supplementing learning within the framework of the national curriculum
    • after-school academies - 6 or 12 week clubs running one evening a week after school for children to develop practical skills, feed their imaginations and engage with meaningful activity. After-school academies can be funded by school or participants.
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    children line the LEGO racetrack they have build


    Creative Engineering


    Our series of building workshops are designed to develop problem solving, creativity and team work as well as being high energy and packed with FUN!

    Each workshop explores a different theme, building models from kits we have created and getting participants to create for themselves from our large and varied LEGO collection.



    children wave their messy hands on bake off day


    Hands-on experience with comedy chefs

    With enough equipment for a whole class to bake and specially adapted recipes so that groups can work independently, children are given the opportunity to work in small groups to meet a Kitchen challenge ... and don't worry, we contain the mess and take it away with us.




    a young boy taking part in the pizza box delivery race on crazy sports day


    Sports with extra FUN!

    We operate a team league so the children can support one another, of course being the best at sport might not necessarily help you win the league... We present a variety of sporting events, all with a twist, with the emphasis on having FUN! and getting active!


    A young girl smiles as she blows on her homemade french horn in a music workshop


    Everyone is a musician

    A combination of experiences with real orchestral instruments, exploration of the elements of music and group music making. Led by graduates of leading music conservatoires and professional musicians, children will produce an ensemble performance for peers or parents.

    dressing up is part of the fun on theatre day


    A class act

    Professional actors and actresses from the team take the lead and in groups the children create a play. Experimenting with character, story and theatre techniques, using teamwork and collaboration culminating in a performance of the work they have created.

    children show their passports as they craft their way around the world


    Explore the culture and make some souvenirs

    Design a passport and travel around the globe. At each destination we learn about the country, greet one another in their language, play traditional children's games, explore the culture through background media presentations and use native crafts to create souvenirs. Then we're off on our travels to the next destination. Groups spend between one and two hours in each country.

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    Prices for a full day of activities start at £350 for 30 children.

    Prices for a 6 week after-school academy start at £18 per child.

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