• Performance and Live Characters

    Professional actors present brilliantly interactive performance

    The Chef's Apprentice

    A o45 miniue comedy cooking show with audience participation - plus additional workshops if required

    A 50 minute comedy cooking show featuring clowning, bad dancing, audience participation and delicious smoothie recipes as a clumsy apprentice proves their worth to a pompous chef.


    Includes pre-show making activity as audiences help to create the set!


    Additional kitchen workshops available including Wrap-tastic recipes, Fruit Zoo and Cake Pop Creations.


    Brilliant for theatres, festivals, schools, community events and food festivals.

    Can be performed indoors or outdoors.


    Contact christopher@academyoffun.org for technical details and prices.

    Live Characters for festivals and events

    Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland characters

    Festival roaming, trails, outdoor performance


    Professional actors present The Mad Hatter, Alice, the Queen of Hearts, Alice, the White rabbit and the Cheshire Cat.


    Characters can be hired for roaming and interaction at festivals and community events, or for a rehearsed condensed version of Lewis Carroll's classic stories.


    Also popular is The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, interactive performance tailored for particular events.


    Contact christopher@academyoffun.org for technical details and prices.


    Superhero characters also available including Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Supergirl

    The Mad Hatter's Giddy Game Show!

    A family game show perfect for festivals, sporting events and community celebrations.


    Teams compete for prizes - lovely toys for children and rather bizarre random ones for adults, although the pack of cable ties always seems to go down well.


    The Mad Hatter sets rather silly challenges for each team including Test Match Stick-it as teams race to cover an adult with post-it notes, To Bead or Not to Bead (pictured) where teams must balance small beads on a lolly stick gripped in an adults mouth and Ready Heady go where as many hats possible are placed on a team member, usually in a ridiculous position! It ends with the Riddle Teaser challenge where contestants answer silly questions - much in the style of the Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.


    Contact christopher@academyoffun.org for technical details and prices.

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