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Ninjago-A guide for parents

An article about small plastic ninjas (what happened to my life)

Being a parent is really hard work. The list of things you're expected to care about never ends. Don't worry we're giving you all the information you need to blag your way through the world of LEGO Ninjago.

"Long before time had a name, the world of Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, by using the The Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu: The Scythe of Quakes, The Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice, and the Sword of Fire...." Let's cut the drama and learn the bare basics that you might need in order to talk to your child.


Spinjitzu is the made up martial art of the LEGO ninjago characters. By mastering Spinjitzu they can summon up a whirlwind of their innate natural energy. Of course part of the skill is harnessing this power for good and not just to make a mess.

Master Wu

Master Wu is the guy responsible for training the ninjas. He's very wise, feel free to quote him to your benefit here are some of the wise things he has said:

"Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today"

"A true ninja knows when to fight, and when to hide in the shadows."

"Iron sharpens Iron and Sibling sharpens sibling."

You can probably get away with making some stuff up to:

'To rid the world of evil a true ninja should always start with ridding their bedroom floor of stray LEGO bricks'

Master Wu's element is 'creation'. Now I know that's not an element and you know that's not an element but according to the world of Ninjago, creation is the elemental essence of the four elements; fire, lightning, ice and earth... I know, it's all kinds of wrong let's move on.

Let's look at his apprentices:


His element is fire. He likes to fight with a sword which is called a Katana. He is the brother of Nya...


A girl Ninja! whose element is water and also wields the Katana. As well as being sister to Kai she has had romantic storylines with both Jay and Cole... no comment.


Despite having swords in this picture his weapon of choice is the nunchucks (basically nunchaku-traditional Japanese Ninja weapon of two sticks connected by a chain). Jay's element is Lightning.


To be honest, for a long time Cole was the only one who's colour I could remember it being conveniently the same as Coal. He fights with a scythe mostly and his element is earth. Interesting (or maybe not) his dad sent him to dance school as a kid but he ran away to become a ninja, it's like a modern day Billy Elliot in reverse.

Only two more...


Zane can use the element of ice and his choice of weapon is shurikens (to us non-ninjas that's throwing stars).


Arguably he should have been earlier in the list. He was the leader of the other ninjas. His 'element' is energy. He's a bit of a bad boy turned good. Like Kai and Nya he fights with the Katana (sword).

On the side of good you might also hear the Garmadon... he's Sensei Wu's big brother but he got bitten by a spider and is now evil with 4 arms... so these days he's behind all the enemies of our Ninja heroes.


OK from top to bottom left to right:

Anacondrai Cultists - Anacondrai are snakemen type creatures who the cultists worship and they want to steal the elemental powers to transform themselves into Anacodrai

Nindroids -part robot part ninja. Zane, (yes the same one from earlier) is technically a nindroid.

Skulkin - A skeleton army, the first enemy faction working for Lord Gamadon

Serpetine - lizard men who were the original inhabitants of the Ninjago world, the humans locked them all up and they're a bit miffed about that

Ghosts Warriors - Cursed evil spirits

Stone Army - they were created by 'The Overlord' way back before event the Serpentine were on the scene.


There are dragons! This is the part of Ninjago which I actually find interesting, just because they are pretty awesome, intricate LEGO creations. Pictured are the 4 dragons of the four elements which of course you still remember are.... Fire (Flame), Lightning (Wisp), Ice (Shard) and Earth (Rocky) -the random words in brackets are their names. There are other dragons too, the one that seems most popular is the Mechdragon, partly because he's quite a recent set, partly because he's a robot dragon who fights with the Nindroids.

I think you're ready for a trip to the cinema to see the Ninjago movie now, and remember.... "Spinjitzu is inside each and every one of you. But it will only be unlocked when the key is ready to be found." - Sensei Wu

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