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Last minute Easter Bonnet

How to make an Easter Bonnet quickly with stuff you already have in the house

You're probably be reading this because you've just found out that your child is supposed to take a hand crafted Easter Bonnet to school today.

First things first... everything is going to be OK!

You can make this Easter bonnet in about half an hour using things you probably already have in the house and it's not difficult.

If you have loads of time and resources there are some extra credit options at the bottom of the article.

You will only need stuff you probably already have in the house!

  • Paper (ideally A3 but I used two sheets of A4 and glued them together)
  • A compass (or dinner plate... I used a compass for photos because my dinner plates are the same colour as the paper!)
  • PVA glue (top tip... you don't need to find a spatula just use a bit of card which you can then throw away)
  • Sticky tape
  • Pens or pencils or crayons
  • Curling Ribbon (or string or anything similar)

If you need to stick two pieces of A4 together use glue sparingly and leave to dry for a couple of minutes before continuing. You might as well put the kettle on.

The clever bit...

Create a template (as above) from the paper. It helps to draw the lines first but you will need to cut them. I definitely recommend doing this bit for your child to save time!

The compass is set to 12cm and positioned in the middle of the paper... you can just as easily draw around a dinner plate to get those curves.

To make the straight line hole on the bottom right gently fold that bit of paper and snip.

Those bits which I've half-heartedly coloured in on the bottom right will need cutting off.

You also need to fold the top of the paper back on itself... about an inch and a half, or 5cm.

Great stuff... now pass it to aforementioned child...

The creative bit...

Decorate the template. Flowers, Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Chicks, Dragons (they come from eggs right) whatever your child feels like.

The finishing touches...

Underneath the folded flap snip two straight holes (you're a pro at this now). Feed in the curling ribbon or string and tape the end in place. Repeat on the other side of the bonnet.

The next bit makes sense when you have it in front of you but sounds complicated. You bend the paper in half and take the tab you created on one side over the top of the "circley bit" and feed it through the straight line hole you made on the other side. Secure the tab on the inside with a bit of tape.


Not only have you just made an Easter Bonnet in half an hour without having to spend any money. Your child will have a bonnet that is creative and original and an actual bonnet!

If you have more time, energy and resources...

You now have a paper bonnet skill for life. With a bit of creativity you can use it again to make all kinds of animal bonnets! This may come in handy on world book day ;)

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