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Crafty McCraftison's Christmas Gift Bag

How to make a Christmas gift bag, with optional foil lining and printable design.

How much do you spend on a gift bag? Great news. You don't need to spend that much. All you need to do is follow these instructions which will turn a piece of printer paper into a personalised gift Christmas gift bag with the help of your children. Added bonus is it will give them something to do that is useful.

To make it as simple as possible I've made a pdf with a printed colour by code design positioned in the correct place. If you use this pdf all you will need is some colouring pens and a couple of pieces of sticky tape. If you are making the bag to put food treats in you might also like to line the bag with a piece of foil cut down to A4 size.


Print the pdf and get it coloured by elves or children whichever you have on hand. The design is colour coded.

S = silver

Y = yellow

B = brown

G = green

R = red

T = tan

L = light green

For older children put it on a post-it-note. For younger children consider labelling their pens with the corresponding letter.

It should look like this when they've finished:

(I've just noticed that I failed to colour in that little bit at the bottom before taking this photo. Haha; I'm sure your kids will do a much more thorough job!)


(I recommend practising this with a blank sheet as first time around it's easy to make mistakes and you don't want to get into trouble for folding across the artwork. It's actually pretty straight forward once you've done it once).

If you're adding foil add it now.

Fold the sides in... Leave about 4cm before the fold on each side of the design. You want the two folded ends to overlap a little behind the picture.


Put a piece of tape along the join at the back


Fold up the bottom of the bag about 6cm. Which way you fold makes no difference.


You're going to open the fold out, if you've foil lined try to get foil to open out too. Then flatten the corners into triangles.


Fold the end up to the middle of the triangle... you need a picture...

Then do almost the same with the other side but fold it a bit further so the two ends overlap

Tuck in any stray foil and tape closed.


Then you can open your bag out. Reach down into the corners to get them to properly form.

Don't worry about the top when you have filled the bag fold it over and you'll get a lovely shape

If you made some Christmas Fudge on our previous blog post it won't be ready to be chopped up and put in the bag just yet. Which gives you time to make an awesome Christmas card to go with it! Just click on the next blog post below.

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