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Crafty McCraftison gets Crafty with Christmas Cards

Make a Christmas and learn to sew all in one!

This is no ordinary Christmas card. This Christmas card is also going to teach your child a couple of basic sewing techniques. Oh and it looks awesome!

you will need:

A piece of card... you can print the pdf below onto it for an outline or draw your own. If drawing your own use only straight lines.

A needle


Sticky tape (top tip-always choose scotch/magic tape... it is easier to manage for kids)

Buttons (I used 5)

Green and Orange Embroidery thread (the kind that comes in 6 strands... you're going to use all 6 strands)


To get them started it's a good idea to put a few holes in. There should be a hole at every corner. I used a metal skewer to make the holes big enough for you to see but you can do it with a needle.

Thread green through the hole that joins to the star and tape the end down to the card


Stitch around the tree. Your going to use back stitch for this. The first stitch you just go into the next hole then up through the one after that. But then to fill in the gap between holes two and three you sew back on yourself. Next you come through the fourth hole and sew back to the third etc. get the idea.

If you run out of thread just tape the end and start again with a new piece.


Eventually you'll get back around to the top of the tree where it meets the star. Tape down the end and swap to the orange. Complete the star in the same way.


To decorate the tree we're going to sew on some buttons. There's nothing special here. I'm going to assume you know how to sew a button on ;)

When you've finished, the inside of your card will look a little like this. If you want to you can stick a small piece of paper over top to hide the thread and tape.

That's it. Job done!

If you started with the fudge recipe and have worked your way through. Your fudge should be set by now. Chop it up and put it in the bag you made, write your card and you've got a perfect little card and gift for your teacher, aunt, grandparent, neighbour or whoever.

Merry Christmas from the Academy of FUN! team. Have a great time.

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