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Christmas Fudge

How to instructions for making Chocolate Orange Fudge that you can give as a gift.

"Yay! It's nearly Christmas"

If you're struggling to find time to prepare for Christmas and also look after the kids then I have a solution... turn the kids into your very own sweatshop. In this blog post I'll show you the easiest Fudge recipe (chocolate orange with pecans... yum yum). The skill level for this project is low and the completed project looks presentable however skilled you are. Apart from a trip to the supermarket for ingredients you don't need anything fancy.

Let's start with the fudge

You will need:

Sweetened condensed milk (I used half a pint because that's how much was in the tin)

Chocolate Chips (I used 300g... it should be roughly the same number of grams as there is ml of the milk)

Pecans (handful-optional)

Raisins (handful-optional)

An Orange (you can eat the orange after, we just need the rind)

These instructions use a microwave and a fridge.


Microwaveable jug

Zester or fine grater



Some tin foil


Table knife


mix the condensed milk and chocolate chips in the jug


Zap it in the microwave for 1 minute. (Make a big fuss about taking the metal spoon out... you'd be surprised how many kids we come across who have no idea that metal in a microwave is a bad idea!). Stir well, and then zap it for another 30 seconds.


Zest the Orange straight into the mixture. You want as much of the orange part of the peel as you can and as little of the white.


Chop up the pecans (you can skip this one if you were smart enough to buy 'chopped pecans'. You don't need a sharp knife to cut pecans though.


Add your nuts and raisins and beat


Line your tray with foil... I used a standard sized tray but later decided it was too big so I just rolled up the foil to make a little wall across the middle.


Dollop the mixture into the tray and put it in the fridge to set (it takes 3-4 hours).

Whilst you're waiting for the fudge you can make a gift bag to put it in! Follow the link below to the next blog post...

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