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A guide to Superheroes for parents part 2

X-men - Guardians of the Galaxy - Fantastic Four

So, I’ve given you a bit or time to digest the world of the Avengers. It’s about time we got up to speed with some of the other popular characters. I’ll stick with Marvel for now and lets have a look at... (insert fanfare)

The X-men

They are basically mutants who have formed a support group ;) There are many many characters but these are the four most commonly known by children!

Professor X: a telepathic wheelchair user and the leader of the gang who has set up Xaviers school for gifted youngsters which is where the X-men go to train. It took me a while to make the connection between the X in Xavier and the X in X-men… I’m sure that you noticed straight away ;)

Wolverine: He has claws on his hands at will made from Adamantium (a fictional metal in case you were about to check the periodic table for new developments since you were at school). He wears a yellow suit but does not have a sunny disposition, he’s feral and animalistic.

Cyclops: He shoots lasers from his eyes. Everything else I know about Cyclops I have learnt in the last 5 minutes: he has two mutant brothers and a time travelling mutant son. He has a space pirate father so I guess it all runs in the family. Anything else I know would probably be classed as pretty heinous spoilers. Unlike Wolverine he’s very disciplined and rather stoic.

and Rogue, who can absorb other people’s powers just by touching them, and not just their ‘super’ powers... all their powers, including memory, which is why she has to wear gloves. She’s got a white streak in her hair which depending on whether you watched the movies or read the comics has a different origin. (This happens a lot. Just when you think you’ve got your head around what’s what, you discover that there is a second version of things, and then a third and fourth).

The biggest Nemesis for the X-men is Magneto (Another mutant, who can control magnetic fields) Now if you’ve been paying attention and read both this and the previous blog posts you might be wondering what would happen if Ironman met magneto ...


The Fantastic Four

I should probably mention the Fantastic Four (not to be confused with the Famous Four which are absolutely not superheroes). Mister Fantastic can stretch, Invisible girl probably doesn’t need an explanation, The Human Torch can set fire to himself and fly, The Thing has rock like skin and super strength. Although they are not currently big with the kids I have a feeling they will turn up somewhere at some point and I don’t want you to be blind-sighted.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Gaurdians of the Galaxy, on the other hand, you’re more likely to come across because they’ve got a film and another one on the way. The film is actually quite funny in places so worth a watch on a cold winter's evening. It is certificate 12A as it has some scenes which have behaviour you wouldn't want your five year old to copy.

You’ve got Star Lord, Gamora, Groot and Rocket Racoon. (There are apparently more but there’s only so many superheroes I can hold in my head before others start to fall out. Star lord is the only human (don’t hold me to that) he’s like an intergalactic police officer. Gamora known as the most powerful woman in the universe, has green skin, she is the last of her species she has super human strength and agility and can heal quickly too. Groot is a talking tree... yep, you read that right. He doesn’t say much, he’s able to regenerate (grow) and although he’s made from wood is fire resistant. Rocket Racoon is an actual racoon who can talk and shoot guns and is a bit of a brain box.

So that’s Marvel. Well it’s not really, it’s a small window into the Marvel universe, which incidentally predominantly takes place on “earth-616” created (not exclusively) by Stan Lee. Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Punisher and Agents of Shield are all also Marvel but let’s hope that these darker characters are not something that a parent needs to know about in order to role-play superheroes with a small child.

Next time we'll be in DCU; the universe in which Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman live.

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