• a cartoon style burgular is behind bars so he can't get into the party

    FUN! Children's Parties

    A whirlwind of fun and games.


    Superheroes. LEGO. Bake-offs. Crafting. Crazy Sports. And on a horizon not to far far away... an intergalactic theme!


    Looking for something unique? We've got the covered too - as long as it involves FUN!

    Two children take part in a bake off preparing a chocolate cake

    School FUN!

    We've a selection of activity days and after school academies available. FUN! with secret learning!

    A room full of LEGO builders at a community event

    FUN! Community Events

    From festivals and community street parties, Christmas fairs to summer fetes, we've got the imagination and enthusiasm to keep children entertained all day!


    Let us add extra FUN! to our family events.

    Children's Culture BLOG

    Need a quick start guide to superheroes or Pokémon? Maybe you're stuck in a queue with a bored child. Head straight to our BLOG for some tips and guides.

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